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Sock Monkeys for Social Justice

The Sock Monkeys for Social Justice project is a community-building project of POWER that in turn creates a recurring income source to fund POWER’s operations.  These sock monkeys tell the stories of our experiences in the social-economic structure of society and raise awareness about poor people’s strength and how we empower each other to overcome oppression.

How it works

1. Make a Sock Monkey

Get started by ordering a Sock Monkey kit. This contains everything you need to get started. We’ve done the hard work for you already, like picking out a pair of socks, cutting them up into the right parts, and doing all of the difficult sewing. We’ve even picked out a pair of buttons for the eyes, and included a needle and thread. Just follow the included instructions. It’s that easy!

2. Take a picture and send us your story

If you want to share your story, or just your handiwork, take a picture of your sock monkey and email it to us at along with your story so we can add it to our gallery. Also, let us know if you’d like to sell your sock monkey on our store, or if you’d just like to share your story and sock monkey in our gallery.

3. Sell your sock monkey

Ship your completed sock monkey back to us (we’ll write back and tell you how after we get your story) and we’ll sell it on our store!. If it sells, you get to keep half the proceeds from the sale, and the other half goes to support our operations.

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